Ciao, da dove vieni? (Hi, where are you from?)

Hi, This is one of the few pictures left of my childhood. Most of the thousands of pics my photo passionate Dad used to take me got lost in the flood when I was 6.

I believe this picture describes me quite well, as a curious, meditative and straightforward person…with a special taste for funny socks!!

The photo was taken during the holidays at Sottomarina, near Venice, which is where my Mom is from. Since my childhood I got used to hear several languages: in my Mom’s family the Veneto dialect was spoken, while my Dad used to speak Piedmontese and “Patois” (an Occitane variation from the Alps) with his relatives. All besides Italian, of course,  and French: I started to learn it quite soon, in my frequent family daytrips to Briançon, on the other side of the Alps…

I’ve always been curious about learning the differences among languages,  first of all as a code-cracking game, then as a way to better understand the heart and mind of some great people I met along my way, coming from different countries and cultures. Don’t get confused if sometimes I use some strange words, maybe there’s no equal word in English!!

So this is a warm welcome to this brand new space, and an Arrivederci a presto for now!!!



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